Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things are Slowing down some.

Well Finally things are starting to slow down a bit around here.

My husband is still working for an amish man and he has invited me over to can with his wife. Very kind. I'd love to.
I have just this week made blueberry and strawberry jam along with some home made bread. Very pleased with it all.

We are still trying to figure out which trees to put on the property. I think we have some disagreements on this.

We are getting ready to build a new house for our el cerro (pig)
and also try to find the best ones to house our pollos (chickens) that we are planning to buy but can't do until we get the housing done.

I am in the process of learning more spanish along with the german, which for me, I don't know if doing 2 is a good idea- as I am beginning to mix them. I may just stick to leaning more spanish for now.

I had sort of a strain between me and my best friend of 36 years and I believe it is okay now.(my fault I'd say for not letting her know how I feel about certain things)

We are going to have an amish neighbour of ours make us a new door with screen (mine currently doesn't have the screen ) and is on it's last leg.
I can't wait to finally have a quality door. They do wonderful work. My husband comes home and tells me how many people almost everyday stops them and wants work done by them because they see amos and they want work done by the amish. It's amazing.

we are finally recovering from all the tornados that touched down here. We had 7 in ohio with massive flooding and was a state of emergency. We had 3 touch down in our area and my husband was in one. It came with hail (large hail)

Okay that's about all the time I have for this , for now , will continue to update you more later.

Salud (Bless you)


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