Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Busy

I have been very busy here of late. I have had 4 cats die within 2 & 1/2 weeks and we have no idea why. They seemed perfectly healthy to us and just died. This has been rough for me as I love cats and I am very close to mine. They slept on my chest and stomach usually nightly and were like my babies.

I have also been painting my porch and house and have been busy with this the past week, and am exhausted (only had a paint brush to do this with, and fought cats on the porch as well) but it is almost completed and then I will start on the skirting  and the fence in front of the house..

I have been trying to stay cool in this extreme heat (mostly from 100 percent humidity) you know the kind, where you sweat profusly with no relief in sight , even at night. The air conditioner I have in the living room , only feels like a warm fan blowing, (it's that bad)

I am still trying to learn more spanish and german and accidently mixing the 2 when I talk now. So I kind of speak spagermish (spanish-german-english) Oh well I'm leaning them slowly. Really need a good tutor.

I have been baking, bread, blueberry/blackberry cobbler, banana bread, etc. I try to do this very early in the morning, as the heat, with an oven on is unbearable.

I have been studying the Bible and trying to figure out some things and seem to go round in circles sometimes, especially if you look something up on line, you get so many different answers that it just amazes me , how no one has the same ideas or interpretations of the Holy Book.

Okay so that's it for now.
Pray for me when the Holy Spirit  prompts you
God Bless


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