Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dutch Ovens ~What to purchase~

Dutch Ovens and using them for cooking & Baking. Whether at home or away camping is a joy if you know how to use one properly.
Here are some tips on Dutch Oven Purchasing.{Later we will go over how to cure a dutch oven, utensils to use, cooking over coals and fire,and cooking breads in your dutch oven}
•1 Use should only buy Dutch Ovens with Legs as they are easier to use.Make sur the legs are attached to the ove and are not cracked or bent or broken off.
•2 Check the lid making sure the fit is properly flush with the lip of the oven, with no gaps.
•3 Check the bail or wire handle. Making sure it is attached to the oven itself. It should move easily but be strong enout to use for carrying or hanging  a heavy pot , one that is filled  with no difficulty.
•4 Make sure the lid has a loop handle that is clearly attached to the center.
•5 Check the castins, or thickness ot the metal. Especially around the rim. There should be no more than 15% thicker or thinner inconsistencies. The reason for this is that if there is this will produce hot or cold spots during cooking. It also is likely much less to crack or warp.
•• If all this checks out you have a pretty good dutch oven.
•• Dutch ovens range in size of 10-12 & 14 inches. Remember the larger the pot the heavier and harder to handle. If you're not cooking for a large crowd, the best one for you to get would be the 12 inch one.


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