Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holiday Party Ideas

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Holidays are just around the corner, so this means cooking & lots of it (for a crowd). So do you need some tips on how to pull it off? Quick Easy & Fun.

I have a friend who has small dinner parties from groups of 10 - 20 people .So I've learned some tips from her and I'm passing them on to you.

#One - the first thing I've learned is to have a lot of self serve parties. Now this tip can make it so easy on you. Do you have an Electric Roaster? (if not get one). One that has the warmer tray that sits inside with a divider compartment that holds (3 seperate foods) warm at one time.

#Two - Make a themed party. Like Mexican . Tacos, Burritos, refried beans. This includes your little decorations, from litted candles to plates to serving dishes and a table runner.

#3 Use lots of finger foods. Like vegetable platters with dip. Wedges of fruit on a kabob, Chips, cookies .

#4 Plenty of appetisers like hot wings, ritz crackers with meats,cheeses, Cresent rolls/filled with pizza ingredients/chicken cheese and broccoli.

#5 If you have a small place or don't care to have to many people in your home at one time, Rotate time invitations. Send invitations out to some for 5-7 others 6-8, and still others invitations will say 7-9. This rotates your group and you never have to many in the house at one time. There will always be some leaving and others arriving. Never to much of a Full House.

#6 Whatever you do , don't forget the favors. Remember to make them fun . Be creative. make them themed to go with your party. Believe me this will go over big and you won't soon be forgotten.You will always have those who came, wanting to know when your next party is going to be.

So there you have it. A few little ideas to help you through the Holidays. Make them fun and easy. Always prepare what you can, the day or night before , so that all is needed to a lot of your foods , is reheat.
Also another thing you can do (no this isn't cheating) not all things have to be home made by you and your own hands, is to go out and get one of those really delicious roasted chickens, like the ones from, your local super market.
Thanks Tammy


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