Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tip~Herbs For Hair Loss?

Hair loss? Here are just a few of the Herbs that can help in Preventing Hair Loss and even graying. Also don't forget that hair loss is also among women as well as men.

Hair loss is a common problem. We can lose a few strands of hair automatically.This is natural. But when the hair begins to fall out excessively it is regarded as disease and it needs treatment. There are various herbs that you can do that prove effective in hair loss treatment.

Along with herbal treatments you need to maintain a proper hygiene and routine of combing your hair. Combing enhances blood circulation and makes your hair strong. Some common herbs that are used successfully in hair problems (these are just a few) are aloe, arnica, nettles, birch, rosemary, & marigold.

Aloe, nettles, birch leaves, etc are excellent blood and skin cleansers. Massage aloe gel on scalp in roundabout motion. It not only enhances the blood circulation, it also helps in hair growth.{I really like the aloe}

Aloe also resists alopecia. Gel of aloe that is used in hair treatment keeps head cool and saves your hair from being white prematurely.

Arnica, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, also control dandruff and promotes hair growth. Because of its antibiotic quality it prevents loss of hair. Like aloe arnica also helps to prevent premature graying of hair.

Indian gooseberry also effectively controls hair loss by providing vitamin C to your scalp. Grind few fresh amla and extract the juice. Apply that juice on your scalp before going to bed. Keep it overnight. Next morning wash it off with plain water. It not only makes your hair black, it also makes the hair roots strong.

If you experience hair loss, more than what is normal. Please see a doctor for medical advice as this may be due to a medical condition.


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