Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Craft idea 4 baby

Here's an easy and fun way to make baby's 1st Christmas Memorable. Make their 1st ornament. One they will always treasure.

Baby's First Ornament
Time to complete approximately 1-2 hours
(doesn't include drying time)

You will need

•1 Styrofoam Ball, 3"
•1- 1/3 yd. of sheer fabric, (your choice of color)
•Matching Thread
•Curling ribbon
•Ribbon roses
•Assorted baby charms (teddy bears, diaper pins, rattles, ID bracelets)
•Craft pins
•Thick white craft glue or glue sticks

1. Cut 11" diameter fabric circle; sew a running stitch 1" from edge of circle. Place foam ball in center of fabric circle and pull thread, gathering fabric around ball. Wrap thread around gathered fabric to secure, leaving a 3/4" circle of foam exposed; knot threads.
2. Arrange charms on ball. Glue flat charms to ball. For dimensional charms, glue or thread ribbons to charms and pin ends of ribbons under the ruffled fabric at top of ball. Glue ribbon roses to center front of ball.
3. Curl several lengths of curling ribbons; glue to top of ball.
4. To hang, knot a 6" length of curling ribbon; push knot into exposed foam and glue.
5. Glue teddy bear to top of ball, covering exposed foam.

Have fun with this project. You will love it enough to make some for all the kids.


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