Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rid your home of Household Chemicals

Ways to rid your home of Household Chemicals

Choose environmentally safe and friendly cleaning products — and remove the toxic ones .
Your house’s toxic burden on the environment will be significantly reduced by these steps.
We know that keeping your family safe is important to you. And here is one of the first steps you should take in assuring your family's safety.

Remove toxic products?

Small amounts of the poisons drift and leak out of bottles and spray bottles, which then go through the kitchen. Household poisonings are rated the highest threat to the health of your children.

Replacing Toxic Products
Choose non-toxic, biodegradable substitutes because others are highly toxic, and ingesting small amount, in some cases just a few drop, can be fatal. Corrosive  products can damage skin and mucous membranes.
Go Green-It's Easy Cleaning Green
Most of the cleaners derive their ingredients from plants like coconut or palm (renewable sources) rather than petrochemicals like crude oil or natural gas.
Here are a few safe choices for your home.
1. Stain Buster-Arm & Hammer, Essentials 2X Concentrated
2. Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid- helps with stuck on food and grease
3. Sun & Earth All Purpose- For greasy messy counter tops
Here are a few green items you can use right from your home
Dilute one part water to one part vinegar and use to clean almost anything in your house. Keep vinegar away from marble, and be sure to dilute properly or it could eat away at tile grout.

2.Lemon juice
Use undiluted to get rid of hard water deposits and soap scum and polish brass and copper. Mix half a cup of lemon juice with a cup of olive oil to create a hardwood polish. Lemon juice also deodorizes, cleans glass, and helps to remove stains.

3.Baking soda
It does a great job at deodorizing the fridge, your sneakers, the hamper and your closet. Great to use in litter boxes too.


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