Monday, March 16, 2015

Life As I See It~Smart Post? Could It Be Any Dumber?

What's Smart about Smart Post?
What is up with Smart post? I mean is there any service out there any dumber? What patient from the nearby insane asylum came up with this load of crap.

Why is fex-ex smart post so crappy. They are one of the poorest run partnerships between
private citizens and public workers that there is.

Plus Fedex is so much slower than UPS.
I cannot believe Amazon or any company for that matter would even choose to be associated with this crappy service. Your customers will hate you for it and not order from you again.

Want to watch your package drive right by your house. Not just once but three times on it's way to a 3 1/2 hour destination north of you, then south, then north again and 2 weeks later delivering it to your post office just to get to your house another 2 days later. Then use FedEx SmartPost. And watch the magic of stupidity begin.

With all the arrival and departure scans that goes on with FedEx Smart Post, seeing it actually out on a truck (to a new arrival scan destination) is rare. Let alone out for delivery to it's original destination . Your house.

I had a package due that was delayed 3 days because of bad weather. But get this. It was an hour from my house. There was no bad weather. It was sunny. 67 degrees, no snow, slush or ice on the roads anywhere from here to there. 3 email updates said that horrendous weather was preventing the delivery of my package. Um don't try to lie to me. I'm right down the road from where you are. 

And don't count on checking on the status of your order. It's always the same. Never changes. Sits there the same (a lot of times, not always) and is never updated. I think that's because there is nothing to update. I actually had a product arrive (many weeks late) and checked the online status of my package and it still said Package Not Yet Shipped.! That's funny I'm holding it in my hands. Not Yet Shipped!!!

So if you're looking for a cheaper way to send packages but still want good service that you can count on , with good customer service, that actually updates the status of your order then in no way ever ever use FedEx Smart Post. 

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