Thursday, March 19, 2015

Top 5 List - Best Exercises

Top 5 Exercises

What are some of the best exercises you can do to stay fit, get fit, lose weight and either stay or get toned. We've listed the top 5 exercises that will do just that. All the while having fun while doing it. Get in shape or stay in shape with these listed exercises.
  • Bicycling-Depending on how fast you go, this can be a real calorie burner. Calories Burned: 500 – 1000 per hour. Do a moderate ride and include some small hills to add to the benefits.
  • Swimming is definitely one of the top exercise for losing weight. Doing laps up and down the pool for an hour will burn off 800 calories. It also tones all of your upper body.
  • For a great cardio workout try an elliptical machine. You can burn around 600 calories per hour while building strong muscles. 
  • Rowers- I love mine. You burn 550-600 calories per hour on one of these. And what is great is that it really tones your arms. A problem a good many of us have. What a great way to get an incredible workout.
  • Don't forget walking. This will burn you about 360-400 calories per hour. Make sure to do a brisk walk. A great cardio workout. Good for toning your legs stomach and hips. Also walking uphill (or increasing the incline on a machine) will burn even more calories. Great huh?!

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