Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life As I See It - It's Busy

The cat that had the kittens
I know I haven't been making a whole lot of posts lately. Not like I usually do. I have been making small updates to my pages though, so be sure to check them often to see what's new there.  My life has been busy.  My husband with his new/old job. He has a new job but it's an old one as well. He used to work for the company and then went back. He and the owner are good friends. His working schedule makes things really different around here.

One of my cats had kittens. 5 of them. I don't know how I'll handle 5 more, but I guess I'll manage. They are a week old now. I do have names picked out for them but not given them to them yet until I know they will live. We have had so many die that it's only best to wait.

We had a small tornado here that went all around us and missed us. What a blessing. I think it missed all our neighbors as well and that is amazing. We kind of live in a bowl. Hills all around us and I think that really protects us.

I am still enjoying my new toshiba laptop. Plus I  am taking small videos with my video recorder. I really enjoy that a lot. As for the photos with my camera, my daughter and I have yet to go out and capture anything. We are working on it. Will post photos as soon as feasible.

I am still on my quest for a slimmer, healthier me. I had a little set back, but have still managed to lose close to 30 pounds. I feel terrific. That is with the exception of days my fibromyalgia hits me. I am back on track though Now I will continue.Onward and upward.

I do hope everyone is well and having a great Spring. Be well, be blessed and have a great week. Love, Mary


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