About Me

My name is Mary Beth
I'm a wife and a mother to 3 wonderful children.

My education-
I graduated high school and went to college for business secretary &  photography and some nursing courses.

Places I have lived-
I have lived in Ohio (currently) West Virginia and Florida.

Languages I speak-
I speak three languages. English , German and Spanish.

Work History-
I am currently a freelance photographer and blogger.
I make money online. I have worked with companies like Chevy, Boogie Wipes, and The Halo, 
and have reviewed products such as PMD (Personal Microderm) and reviewed websites such as Chewy.com. 
I also make money offline with my photography.


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Borrowed Photos

Many Photos used on my website are mine. But for the times I don't use my own, I get my photos here at Public Domain Pictures

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