Organization Tips

Organization TIps 
New organization Tips:
Tips to getting organized fast and easy.

1. What I find people complain about a lot is the remte controls. Tip- get a small basket to put on the coffee table to hold them. Make it a decorative one that matches the decor.

2. Get a charity box for those unwanted or unused items you have laying around. Like things that are the wrong size, something bought but never used.

3. Get and use a white board and jot down things to do for yourself or chores for the kids. Use different colored markers for different things or for each child's name and chores. I use three. they're great. A must have for everyone's home.

4. Get an under the bed box that you can easily store sheets, pillow cases, and blankets in . Do this for each room. Easy to get to.

5. To make it easier for you and the kids make sure item in the cabinet and fridge are easily attainable. No more digging around, moving things, spilling or breaking things. And less- hey mom , where's the??

6. If a bedroom is to small, get a few canvas hanging shelves to put in the closet.

7. Buy a few mesh bags to place things in. Like kid toys (balls-stuffed animals) etc..

8. Make a photocopy of your favorite recipes and put them into sheet protectors and place inside a binder that you can hang near the fridge or stove for easy access and to rid the kitchen of clutter from many large cookbooks lying around.

9. Don't forget to stock your nightstand drawer with (usually much needed) pencils, notepads, phone book and a flashlight (this is a must where I live-there is always a power outage).

10. Get ready for the next day. Get the clothes, shoes, jewelry and (If a woman) handbag ready the night before. Put these outside the closet or on the dresser for faster and easier ready time.

Past Organization Tips

1. Use a recharging station to keep your cell phone, MP3 player and other portable device cords untangled and your gadgets fully charged. 

2. Stash extra shower products in plastic caddies – one for each family member. 

3. Large wooden baskets stash clutter effectively

4. Recycle old plastic shopping bags. Store them in an empty Kleenex box ‘til you need them. We use these for changing littler boxes. Then toss them into the trash, losing all the smell that goes along with it.

5. Have cards on hand like birthday, holiday, new baby and bridal cards. – Shop for all your cards once a year and store cards in a file tote. 

6. Buy a framed corkboard, and  hang it in the kitchen to pin your favourite recipes, that you have clipped from magazines or printed from the web.. 

7. Make space by putting your CDs in organizers, by genre. 

8. Buy a A wrap-organizer creating the perfect spot for plastic wrap, aluminum foil and waxed paper. . My mother has had one of these ever since I can remember. So handy.

9. Use a wine rack to hold rolled-up magazines.

20. Organize all of your household bills in an accordion file with month-to-month pockets. 

11. Get a 2 slot wall mail organizer . One slot for all incoming mail and one for outgoing mail.

12. Invest in inside door caddies to lessen clutter in cabinets, closets and under sinks.

13. Get a gift-wrap organizer and stock up on a year’s worth of wrap and ribbons, or ready-to-fill bags and tissue.  Again my mother has one of these and they are ever so handy.

14. nstall a simple magnetic strip in your medicine cabinet and hang tweezers, nail clippers and scissors from it.

15. Install hooks on a wall of your bathroom for towels and robes.

16. Install hooks on the closet wall to hang up hats, purses and totes.

17. Place your purse, fanny pack, cell phone and keys in a designated area so you always know where they are.

18. Whenever you run across anything empty, ripped, the wrong size or never used, why not just toss it in the trash or a charity box. Get rid of things not needed and the clutter that comes along with it.

19. Store sheet sets between the mattress and box spring or tucked into an underbed box.

 20. Have a two-compartment hamper in the kids' rooms so they can sort lights from darks .

 21. No dresser? Why not use a couple sets of canvas hanging shelves in the closet?


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