Random Facts

This page was designed for the amusement of my readers and for those who are truly,  just a little curious to know more about me. A few facts you may or may not have known about me.

1. I would love to write a book
2. I have OCD - My earliest memories of about 5. Being a majorette with a uniform that is nothing but fringe is difficult.
3. More than 60% of all my dreams come true. No matter what they are about. They call it Precognition or future sight and second sight.
4. I had my first blog in 1995
5. I've often been mistaken for serious when joking. No one can tell if I'm serious or not. So some have gotten hurt by things I've said.
6. I have night terrors
7. I have panic attacks
8. I see and hear things no one else does. Not just in the dark also during the day.
9. I can't stand dog slobber. I never allow a dog to lick me.
10. I like odd animals that most do not. Giraffes, owls, and lizards are among a few.
11. I love Photography and take as many photos as I can.
12. My great grandparents were from Mali Africa.
13. I don't eat pork. (of any kind) ever
14. I'm of Jewish descent
15. I don't watch t.v.
16. I have to have organization. I'm a pre-planner
17. I don't smoke or drink
18. I love onion rings
19. I'm not good at accepting compliments
20. I don't celebrate holidays (that includes birthdays)
21. I hate winter
22. I'm a photographer and love taking pictures
23. I'm an avid reader. Read most anything I can get my hands on
24. I have lived in ohio, West Virginia and Florida
25. I want a boat. I think it would be nice to be on one most of the time, perhaps even live on a houseboat.
26. My favorite Isle at the store is the Cleaning Isle.


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