Monday, June 21, 2010


We have finally decided to change our door and screen door to the house. It has needed done for way to long. So this is one of the new changes being made here. The screen door will go in first this week, and then we put the door on next week (Lord willing).

Also I have put German on hold to continue with the study of Spanish. Hopefully to get more fluent with it.

Also we are trying to tackle a bit of a flea problem, that we don't really want to get out of hand.
Any suggestions, because no flea medicine will work on my kitties. I've tried them all and no luck.

I have also been trying out some new backgrounds for the site and have found a wonderful site to  use. Their backgrounds are great and I am using one now to try , and I'll see if there are amy more that I might like to use better later.

Well that 's about it for now . I will keep you posted on what is going on around here.
Till next time, take care, be blessed and be safe.


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