Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giving Praise

Do you profess to be a christian yet rarely if ever say Praise the Lord. And do you also complain, sometimes so many times you can't count. Did you know Elohim tells us not to do this. But still we (I know I do) do this all the time. Well here is something I'd like you to try.

Here is a challange from
Extravagant Grace
I am taking this challange today {Aug 25 2010-6:30 P.M.} I hope you decide to take it as well.

Here is her statement from her site.

Praise Challenge 1: Take a Praise Inventory
For the next 24 hours, make a mental (or written note) of how many times you either declare "praise the Lord" or respond to someone else with "praise the Lord." In contrast, note how many times you grumble or complain AND how many times you "checked-out" when someone else was speaking.

This will definetly be a challange for me, but I'm going for it. Will you join us? Please check out her site and what she has to say about it.
Adonai Bless you


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