Friday, August 27, 2010

Great Project for kids (for School)

Okay, The first project is not a project that will keep your kids occupied this week-end while you keep occupied with other things, but this is a project that the kids will love and all kids need for school.
This is not a project your child should do unsupervised  if under the age of 10 (due to the use of scissors) so this won't help you for that moment when you just don't have a moment.
 But older kids can do this alone or with minimal supervision. And besides, it's the perfect thing , for the perfect time (back to school)
 So make sure if you let your child do this, they are in the same room as you, and you can keep checking over your shoulder to make sure things are going smoothly.

Add an extra needed storage to your book covers & home-made book covers..
What every kid needs . Perfect for starting school. Fun! & Easy!

First make book covers (instructions below) and then add the special feature (listed below instructions) that will be the coolest cover in class and likely the most handy one around.

 {Project} Home-made book cover~Instructions:
  1. Fold paper in half around a closed book. Crease the paper sharply around all edges of the book.
  2. Remove the book and (with child safe scissors) trim the paper -- leaving a 2- to 3-inch margin around the creased rectangle. (Tip: Measure and mark the margin with a ruler and a pencil before you cut.)
  3. Fold in the top and bottom edges of the paper along the lengthwise crease lines.
  4. Then fold in the right and left edges of the paper along the side crease lines.
  5. Slide the front cover of the book into the folded paper "sleeve" along the left edge of the paper cover. Repeat with back cover and right side.
Now here is what makes the book cover Unique!Jeans Pocket Cover:
This cover is ideal for carrying cargo, such as pens and milk money. Cover the book following the directions above, then cut a pocket off an old pair of Jeans and attach it to the cover with double-sided tape.

This will be the talk of the class, you will be a hit! Everyone will want one.. Have fun!


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