Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect After school snack

Yogurt Parfaits
it's not quite hot enough for a frozen treat, so this is the perfect healthy snack for the kids after school. Let the kids do this project as it requires only minimal supervision.

Start off with plain yogurt ,(don't worry the kids won't know.)
& some fruit and granola...
Mash up the fruit, a few berries or bananas to mix in with the yogurt.

Now you will want to Alternate the ingredients

First start off with lining the bottom of the glass with granola, then some yogurt then mashed fruit -{repeat with the yogurt & mashed fruit}
(repeat this process) till you reach the top of the glass

{a clear glass}would be nice, so they can see their handywork (It really looks pretty ☺)
Final step, top off with whole fruit and some granola

Yummy and delicious


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