Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pet Care Tips For Rabbits

Hello everyone. I don't have a lot more to add on this topic to what has already posted , but knew there was a little bit more that could be said. And seeing as my daughter has always had rabbits and loves them, I thought I'd give a few more bits of information on them.

Rabbits are social animals and can be good pets if delicately handled. They even respond to mild training and can even develop an interactive relationship with its owner. But before keeping a rabbit as a pet you are recommended to go for a detailed research work on the nature and survival requirements of rabbits. Domestic rabbits are quite different in nature than their wild counterparts. They prefer to stay indoors and may not be able to tolerate extremes of temperature. The following are some good rabbit care tips that guide you in taking care of your pet rabbit.

As mentioned already that rabbits are social animals they require great deal of interaction with their owners. You are advised to spend a great amount of time with your pet rabbit so that it can get familiar with you. For rabbit care devote time for taking it out for regular exercise and playing schedules. Rabbits are by nature gay and agile so they would love to enjoy playing with you.

Rabbits are to be maintained with great care. Lack of rabbit care may lead to lessening of their longevity.

Include a diet for your pet rabbit which is rich in nutrients. Along with a nutritious diet include fibrous food items that results in the formation of roughage. Roughages may be hay of good quality and fresh vegetables.

Even though they are quite nutritious but there are certain vegetables that should not be included as a rabbit’s diet. Food items like iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, beets, onions, peas, bamboo seeds and such should not be given to your rabbit. Do not offer your pet candies and chocolates. As a rabbit care tip you are advised to consult a veterinary doctor regarding the ideal diet chart for your bunny.
 Rabbits have the instinctive habit of chewing. So, provide your pet with safe toys that can be chewed by it. Also give ample space for your rabbit to run.

Rabbits are to be handled with delicacy. Even though they are quite in nature but can be harmful for active young children who often carelessly mishandle the rabbit while picking it up.

Rabbits like to be close to family members but should be left untouched without handing them much.

For maintaining good health of your pet it should be taken to a veterinary clinic for a regular checkup. Get your rabbit spayed or neutered in order to avoid attack of diseases. Also update yourself with all the necessary vaccination schedules for the rabbit.

Be careful while cleaning the rabbit urine. The rabbit urine emits a strong odor. The intensity of the odor can be reduced to a great extent if the rabbit is spayed or neutered. Also use vinegar to clean up the urine of the rabbit as when it gets dry up a chalky substance is left as residue which is quite difficult to be removed. The urine of a rabbit is actually rich in calcium and hence the chalky residue.
I hope this has helped inform you some on rabbits. I will try to post more info. later on.


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