Saturday, August 14, 2010

What we have going on this week-end

Just a little note on what's going on here this week-end.
My husband is checking on three jobs and hoping they work out, that he and amos gets them, they are close to home which is good.

We have a guy coming to cut down a tree and a few brances off of another. The yard will look a little bare without the big tree in the front yard. It's been here since we moved in 15 years ago.

I have some more painting to do on the house (trim work) and then paint the fence that I have yet to do.  I'm getting behind. We are going to try and start putting on skirting, and get it painted as well. Mike is going to fix the roof and get it coated. It needs it so badly.

My nephew's birthday party is Saturday, and we have so much to do, that we won't even be able to go. I hate missing it. He will be 9. Happy Birthday Josh♥♥♥

So that is about it for us this week-end. I hope we get it all done.
Be Blessed in Yahshua's name everyone.
Have a great week-end!
Miss Mary


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