Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Crafts for kids idea

This is a great project to set your kids down to on the week-end to give them something fun to do and show their creativity. It does not require much supervision, just instructions to stay sitting and to wash up before they touch anything.....This will allow them to take this as a new tote, bag or carrying pack for books and such to school or as a small carry case when spending the night as grandma's house or a sleep over at a friends.

How to turn a canvas tote bag and washable fabric paint into something your kids can create, for a unique bag . This is a very messy project so be very careful!

•Age Guideline: 3 Years and Up

•Time Required: 30 minutes ( much more time may be required for allowing the paint to completely dry before using.

Materials Needed:

•Canvas Tote Bag

•Fabric Paint

•Paint Brush

All you need to do is paint one hand with fabric paint and 'stamp' the handprint onto the plain, canvas tote bag.
You can keep the fingers together, to make a look similar to a tulip. If you make tulip handprints, you can paint on a stem and leaves. You can also use the paint brush to write a personal message onto the bag. Don't forget to add your name!

Make sure you give this project plenty of drying time. Some fabric paint can take more than 24 hours to dry!

This is a great fun project your kids will enjoy . They may want to make several different bags , a different one for different occasions. But this should keep your child occupied for a little while, especially if you allow them to do more than one. Have fun kids!


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