Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids Craft Idea

Since fall is right around the corner. This would be a great project for the kids.

Why not Make Some Scented Pumpkins
Let them create a paper pumpkin along with some scented, textured paint to add an element of fun. Your child will love touching, smelling, and, of course, looking at their wonderful artwork.
Please do not forget to supervise your child whenever they work with scissors. Always try to use child safe scissors whenever possible.

What You Need:

•Orange and green construction paper


•White glue


•Pumpkin pie spice


What You Do:

1.First, help your child cut out the pumpkin. Have him cut a large circle from the orange construction paper. If he needs help cutting out the right shape, you can have him trace a plate, or you can sketch out the shape and have him cut along the lines. Talk about the shape and color as he cuts. What other fruits and vegetables are shaped like a circle or are orange in color?

2.Have him cut a small rectangle from the green construction paper. This will be the stem. Have him glue the green rectangle to the orange circle to create his pumpkin.

3.Now it’s time to make your scented paint! Help him measure equal parts white glue and water. Encourage him to stir the two ingredients together until the mixture is smooth.

4.Next, help your child open the container of pumpkin pie spice. Encourage him to sniff it. What does he smell? Allow him to liberally sprinkle the spice over the glue and water mixture and stir again.

5.Now give him a paintbrush and encourage him to cover every inch of his paper pumpkin with the scented paint. When the paint dries, it'll be shiny and have a delightfully grainy texture from the added spice. And it'll even smell like pumpkin pie!

A great outing to go with this activity is a visit to your local pumpkin farm


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