Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Here is a good tip. (sample list below) Plan your kids chore on a chore list . Post one in the kitchen on the fridge, and have them post one in their room.
This way everyone knows their chore and can keep track of what it is they are to do for the day& week. Make sure to check their work has been done and then mark off the chore on your list in the kitchen.
Also it is a good idea to change chores for your children weekly ,so they aren't stuck with the same chores, and  it doesn't become boring to them . Rotate every week.
Some weeks will have harder jobs and then the next week they can have easier tasks.
Here is a suggestion:

pick up toys

match socks
water plants
put items in trash
feed pets
fold laundry

5-9 year olds can
sweep porch/deck
put silverware away
answer the phone
sort laundry
set the table/clear the table/help use dishwasher
put away laundry
water garden
take out trash
clean the inside of the car
10-14 year olds can
wipe down kitchen counters and sink
put away groceries
pack their own lunches
yard work/raking,pulling weeds,helping in garden,mow lawn
change bedding
wash the car
do the laundry
shovel snow
run dishwasher

15 & up

use leaf/snow blower
help with bringing in firewood
clean the refrigerator
organize shelves, storage areas
make dinner


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