Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Each Morning When I wake up

Each Morning when I get up. I spend 1/2 -1 hr with God, my Bible and Prayer.
Each day is a gift from Elohim and I cherish each one. Quiet time alone with him and with nature as I have a lovely country view, to set my day right.
He leads and instructs and guides me through this time. I cherish it.

When we sit alone and reflect on all God has done for us throughout our lives, how can one not be in awe of him and appreciative. His wonders never cease to amaze me.

There is so much trouble and hurting going on throughout the world that I feel so blessed to be able to sit in the mornings in his Glory and ponder the things that he has given me. There are so many hurting and dying people in this world and I was awakened to my blessings a while back from a post written by Katie at The Journey about a 23 yr old woman who literally staved to death. Of course she had other things wrong due to lack of food, clothing, cleanliness, and medical attention, but it awakened my soul and reminded me, that I am truly Blessed.
I don't see how anyone who has all the daily provisions they have, can not be grateful and appreciative to the one who so freely gives. Elohim.

What is it that you do, to spend time with God, and bask in his glory and see the wonders around you. To see the ways in how well he takes care of you?.
I hope and pray that you will seek him each day in some quite place, having quiet time alone with him , so that you can draw closer to Elohim and have a better understanding of him and a closeness to him and Christ that nothing else can compare to.
God Bless


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