Saturday, October 9, 2010

PopCorn Ball Holiday Decorations

Ornaments that you can use to celebrate the Holidays , to give to guest who come over for a party, and that are easy and fun enough for the kids to make.  These are edible treats that are pleasing to the eye.
 PopCorn Ball Ornaments

Recipe For homemade popcorn ball Ornaments

•I prefer to use the already made store bought popcorn balls
You will need one for each guest
•Mini candy canes
•Colored sugar
•Mini M&Ms

You'll need a small popcorn ball for each person .
 Use a skewer to poke a small hole in the top, then snap the end off of a mini candy cane to create a point, and gently press the sharp end of the cane into the popcorn ball far enough to make a loop.
For the sugar dots and lines, pour colored sugar onto a paper plate . Fill a pastry bag with frosting, or scoop frosting into a quart-size plastic bag and cut off one corner. Working on one dot or line at a time, pipe frosting thickly onto the ball, then press the ball gently into the sugar so that only the frosting touches it.
Use the frosting to glue mini M&Ms to the ball.

And there you have it. A fun project for you and the kids, a delightful ornament to hang anywhere and a favor to give to guest who have come to your holiday party. Hope you find this fun, easy, and a delight to do with the kids.


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