Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skin Peel product review

I received Salicylic Acid Peel to try for a review and I have to say,I am impressed.In my opinion chemical peels are absolutely worth it. The one I'm using Salicylic Acid Peel has cleared up some fine lines, and evened out my complexion. It has also restored a healthy glow to my skin.

Despite its mild formula, this PH appropriate light strength beta peel can easily penetrate and clear clogged pores particularly with repeated use. The gentle concentration of Salicylic Acid 10% does not peel beyond the stratum corneum (the most superficial layer of the epidermis) making it the perfect treatment for individuals with both sensitive and congested skin conditions.

You shouldn't expect a miracle after just the first use though, as it should be used a few times to see the best results. It is a process that should take between  3-5 days.

Why does it take a few applications? It' s because The purpose behind a chemical peel is to remove damaged skin cells to allow healthy skin to be able to regrow uniformly. But Skin Peels are worth a try.

It is also important after a chemical peel to moisturize and use sunscreen, because sun will damage the healthy skin as it is regrowing.

I personally never used a skin peel, and never thought I ever would. It just didn't seem like something for me. But after getting my  Skin Peel  to review, I have clearly changed my mind about skin peels. It is a great product that I would highly recommend.This is very easy on sensitive skin.

The product I reviewed is also for oily skin, of which I seem to be fighting with all the time, and this product really eliminated this problem for me, without the side effects of dry skin. It truly is an amazing product.
If you're interested in trying any of their products you can get a 20% discount on all orders until December 31st 2010 when you use the discount code "SHEBLOGS"
Visit their website and check out their products. Skin Peel

{I have received a product sample for review}


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