Monday, November 1, 2010

2 favorite recipe books

I wanted to share with you, 2 of the cookbooks that I use for a lot of my cooking and baking.
These are where I get a lot of my recipes and ideas for my own recipes. They are great! I hope you can see the pictures well enough as they were taken with my cell phone. This one is for everyday cooking and baking, and they are really great. There are so many recipes in here I have never heard of and it's always nice to try new and different ideas.

And this one is great for the Holiday cooking and baking that we all do. These are 2 really great cookbooks. If you like to bake from scratch and make everything homemade these are a must have.

Here are a few recipes that are in my cookbooks that I will be making for the Holidays.
1 From the 1st cookbook-skillet scalloped corn
2 1st book cracker pudding
3 Christmas Cookbook Tomatoes with stuffed mushrooms
4 2nd book glazed fruit compote

These are just a few in the books that I love to cook from, I recommend these books to anyone who loves to do cooking and baking , especially for the Holiday season. Go get yourself one of each and try them out. You'll be amazed. Have fun.☺

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