Monday, October 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Party Tip

Thanksgiving Decor
Craft a Cornucopia

Turkeys aside, the cornucopia is practically the official mascot of Thanksgiving. Give the turkeys a break this year and decorate your dining table with the beautiful symbol of abundance and sharing.

One large horn basket
About 1 &1/2 yards of Fall colored ribbon (orange &  yellow are always good colors for the fall season)
An assortment of about 10-15 different gourds, pumpkins and dried corns.
Brown Raffia-style packing straw

Here are the Instructions for putting all of this together:

1. Tie your ribbon around the widest part of the horn (closest to the opening) and make a large bow at the top. You might have to weave the ribbon with the basket to keep it in place.
2. Create a good-sized "nest" at the bottom of the cornucopia basket using the straw.
3. Arrange your pumpkins, gourds, and corn so it appears to be overflowing out of the cornucopia.
4. Once you've put the cornucopia in its location, arrange a few more gourds on the table around the horn so it looks as though a few have fallen out and are scattered around the basket.


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