Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ArmChair Caddy

Here is a great Christmas Present that you can make for anyone. Easy and so handy.
You can keep the TV Guide, Remote control, and glasses here. All in one handy and convenient place.

So here is what you'll need:
1. Sewing Machine
2. 10"x 13" red plaid fabric
3. 13"x16" green plaid fabric
4. 13"x24" black felt
5. Pins
6. 2 &1/8 yards green trim
7. Glue gun and glue sticks

1. Cut all fabrics to sizes listed.
Fold green plaid piece to 5"x13"-Fold red plaid piece to 8"x13"-Fold ,then topstitch a 1/2" hem along folded edge of red plaid piece
2. Fold and then topstitch  a 1/2" hem along folded edge of the green plaid.
3. Pin both pieces of plaid together at the bottom, then machine stitch vertically down the center to form pockets.
4. Pin plaid pockets onto one end of the black felt, then machine stitch to the felt on 3 sides. Sew up the center a 2nd time to strengthen pockets.
5. With a glue gun, hot glue the green trim completely around the armchair caddy.
6. Fill the pockets with a remote control, tv guide, and other gifts.

There you have an easy and fun Christmas gift idea for someone special.

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