Friday, January 16, 2015

Life As I See It~ What's up with Meteorologist

What is it with meteorologist? I mean they almost always get the weather wrong.
I mean if you think about it, it's a prediction, right? A forecast... That means they are just giving us their prediction. Anyone can do that with the same chances of getting it right or not. Where are all their high tech forecasting machines that help them do this job?

Here, if they say it's going to be cold and we'll have a blizzard, it's sunny and warm with rain.
If they say it's going to be a scorcher, we get a cool breezy spring like day. My kids have even deleted all the weather apps they had due to all the inaccuracy of the weather forecasters.

And what is with this 50% casting? Really ! There will be a 50% chance of rain today,. I mean a llama could tell me this. 50% chance of clouds. Is this really a prediction or do they just need something to say. Could you make yourself look any more idiotic?

I have a friend from Oklahoma who swears that the meteorologist there are great and wonderful. She says that they are the official state where everyone goes to learn and study. They have to be right because they live in tornado country. I think she needs a reality check and needs to stop thinking that everyone from Oklahoma is god-like.

Well if you ask me, the meteorologist there need a few lessons. Because
1. they either don't know how to teach and these people are going away just as stupid about the subject as when they came or
2. they don't know what they're doing and getting it wrong themselves.

Meteorologist could be standing outside in a downpour  or hurricane and telling us it's going to be a sunny day. Really. On what planet?

So I've come to the knowledge that no matter what the weatherman says, it will be the opposite.
We were supposed to have a huge snow storm for two days and we got zilch. I went to the store and there wasn't a thing on the shelves. Even old ladies were saying for Pete sake doesn't anyone even have a jar of peanut  butter at home to eat for a couple of days.

So the way I see it is, Do you own predicting. Let your bones tell you the weather. All you have to do is look out side, guess what it might be like. Or go prepared for anything. Keep an umbrella in your truck, a pair of gloves and scarf. Take a sweatshirt and wear a tee shirt underneath in case it warms up to much.
Want a prediction. Just ask yourself.

Please note that this is my personal blog. The views written here are personal in nature. This blog is merely a virtual place for me to express myself . I write about things that either come to mind or are brought up in a conversation.

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