Sunday, February 1, 2015


Weight Loss
Celebrating  Black History Month

I'm really excited. I have 2 reasons to celebrate today.
Not only did I weigh in and found that I lost 8 pounds in just 2 weeks.
but I also get to celebrate Black History Month. I have ancestors from Mali, the Congo and Jamaica, and I'm celebrating for myself and for them.

I am so excited that I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. I know I still have quite a ways to go but it is thrilling to see my work pay off. I have been fasting and exercising along with calorie counting and it's working. I knew this would be the year to start getting myself in order and it's paying off. I will keep you updated on my weight loss and exercise routine as time goes on.

As for the celebrating Black history month I'm doing so due to my recent ancestry composition at 3 places that put me at Mali Africa , the Congo and Jamaica. This is going to be an exciting month for me. What I plan on doing is reading up on Africans, Jamaicans and those from the Congo and learning more about my ancestors and heritage. Also maybe try out some new recipes. This should prove exciting for me and my family. I've always loved the blues (the old blues) and I plan on bringing out some of those CD's again.

Are you celebrating black history month? What do you plan on doing?

As always, thanks for stopping by and visiting us here at CountryLife4Me. We love having you over. Our home is your home.
Be well, be blessed and have a terrific day!
Love, Mary


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