Monday, March 23, 2015

Hand and Nail Care

Healthy hands and nails
We all want beautiful healthy looking hands (and nails) at any age. It would be nice to have them look young too, so here are a few ways you can achieve that. 

  • Instead of using soap on your hands try a moisturizing liquid cleanser instead. They are great.
  • One of the best things to do for hands is to moisturize them all day long. You should use creams made specially for hands as they are usually not greasy and do absorb quite quickly. They also draw in moisture which is great for your skin  Big plus.
  • Don't forget to drink water throughout the day. As your hands and nails need water like anything else. Try to drink as much water as you can. Up to a gallon a day.
  • Don't forget to eat your oats, nuts and seeds as they are a good source of B7 which is vital to your nails. Preventing dry and brittle nails.
  • And you don't want to forget to nourish and moisturize your nails by using some Vitamin E oil, or a cuticle cream. Just make sure to rub it into the nail. Petroleoum jelly can work also. You might want to use this at night though.
  • Try using a milk cream. The clearer the cleanser, the more it can dry out your skin. 
  • Your hands can wrinkle and spot just as fast as your face, so make sure to use sunscreen with lotion
  • Did you know that soaking your hands in lemon juice it will make your fingernails healthy. It's true.
  • Last but not least. Don't forget the gloves. Wear them while doing the dishes *hot water is very bad for your skin* and for doing housework where chemicals are used. Also very bad for skin and nails.

Thanks for stopping in. Have a great day. Be well, stay healthy and be blessed. Love, Mary

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