Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life As I See It - Movie Recommendations

Movie Recommendations
I'm a big movie buff. I love movies. I love watching movies. So I'm always looking for a great  good one.
I go through a lot of movies just to find a good one. My kids think I'm nuts!  How can you watch that many bad movies just hoping to find a good one? I have actually cried
on some that were so horrid. And angry at myself for sitting through them till the end. But I was hoping something in the movie was worth all the time, torture , torment and agony I spent watching it.And of course it was to no avail.  But I try to have faith in the movie industry and keep struggling through.

How is it that as time goes on with new technology and supposedly brighter minds that the movie industry keeps throwing out more and more crap. Haven't we evolved? Don't we have more, newer, better ways to make a movie interesting, exciting, and fun. I mean scary movies are not scary. Funny movies are not funny. Thrillers have absolutely no thrill !! And Horror is just gross and disgusting with nothing but blood and gore. This isn't horror it's just idiotic. Where are all the psychological thrillers? You know, the kind that get into your head and scare the living daylights out of you. The kind that make you believe this could actually happen and stay with you for months on end! Sleep with a night lite and a buddy.
I don't know maybe it's me. Then again, probably not. 

I actually found 2! And it was 2 in one day. Can you believe it? Two movies back to back that were good. I have not been this excited since, I can't remember when. 

Here are the two I found good in the last 6 months and hundreds of bad movies searching for them.

1. Take Care (2014) Comedy/Romance
When a car crash leaves Frannie immobilized, she is brushed off by everyone she can count on. With nowhere else to turn, Frannie reluctantly calls her ex, Devon, for help. It isn't before long that old wounds emerge, and are made worse when Devon's crazy new girlfriend also shows up. (c) Entertainment One

2. The thing about my folks (2005) How did I miss this one? Comedy/Drama
Ben Kleinman  gets a surprise visit from his father, Sam who shows him a vague note from his mother indicating that she's left, and Sam has no idea where she's gone. While Ben's sisters mobilize in an effort to find their mother, he and Sam decide to hit the open road together. After looking at a farmhouse that Ben and his wife are considering buying, father and son continue traveling, sleeping outdoors, venting old frustrations -- and ultimately bonding.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my blather. Be well, blessed and have a good movie night.

Disclaimer: The movie reviews that I have listed here on my website are strictly for entertainment purposes only. To give my readers my opinion of a movie that I have watched. These reviews are this blog owner’s personal views. Any reviews posted by me in a negative fashion are not meant to deter anyone from seeing a movie based solely on what I have written. These views are strictly my own opinions.
Please note that this is my personal blog. This blog is just a collection of my random thoughts. I created this blog with NO intention to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual, or anyone or thing.
This blog is created to do no harm, to not injure others, defame or libel. It contains my personal opinions only. What I have written on my blog is not to be taken literal, as fact nor absolute. I will not be held responsible if anyone uses my opinions, or recommendations, and is dissatisfied with the opinion given for personal use, for use on their website, or given to someone else as being recommended by CountryLife4Me.

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