Sunday, May 3, 2015

Enjoying Spring Days

Back online!
I guess I have been absent for a few days. I have been enjoying our Spring days. Outside at 6 A.M. and to bed at 12:30. I really haven't been baking much but I have taken a few small videos of my cats. I bought a new chaise lounge and will be using that soon.

I have also been buying a good bit of items online for around the house. A new Bissell to make jobs easier, a new portable clothes hang drier. Preserving my clothes for a while longer and saving on the electric bill, which seems to be astronomical lately.

Taking advantage of sales in the cleaning department. Loads and loads of cleaning supplies. OCD , you know.

Still exercising, although I don't think I've been eating as healthy as of late, with all the running around here and there, I just grab a quick bite and shovel it in. Not good, so I'll need to get back on the band wagon real soon. Don't want to gain any of that 26 pound loss back again.

I am still watching movies and have even watched a few already seen ones again as some for me can be watched more than once, and when you find a good one you always go back. You know my luck with movies, not so good eh?

Finally talked my hubby into taking the Ancestry test along with the 23 and me test. He wants the breakdown of the British/Irish results and ancestry gives that. He's not like me, he doesn't hate to part with money. Me on the other hand cringe when I have to spend anything. Very thrifty I am.

Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. Hope you are enjoying your days. Take time to relax and enjoy life. Be well, be fit and be blessed. Love, Mary.

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