Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Life As I See It~ What's the Deal Wednesdays

Egg Grades?
What's the deal with eggs?
The grade of them that is?
All I have ever seen is grade A eggs! I have never seen grade B or AA eggs.
Egg companies act like it's a big deal to write grade A on the carton of their eggs. They all say grade A. That I have ever seen here in the states.

Apparently there are eggs that are either AA, A, or B. What’s the deal with that?
It’s Not About Size
It’s Not About Color
It’s Not About Flavor
It’s About How The Shell Looks And How Firm The White Is.

Grade AA Eggs have firm whites that are much thicker around the yolk and a thin white area.
Grade A eggs have a reasonably firm white area around the yolk that is thick with a medium amount of thinness.
Grade B eggs have weak and watery whites with no thickness and is spread out thinly.

SO..? Egg grade is just about the appearance of an old and really nothing more.
The USDA has a 50 page manual on egg grading in PDF format.
Basically, if you're going to eat eggs and not put them in Best of Show then any old egg will do.

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