Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life As I See It What's the Deal Wednesdays

Where is the present?
Where is the present? When the future has not yet happened and the past is over with, all within a miniscule of a second how do we have a present.
Why does everyone
mention (the present?)
There really is no present is there?
See what I've just written is already in the past. It's done with. Over! The past is already gone, over!
The future has not yet happened, it's not here yet. But the present is supposed to be here and now. How!
 When what you're thinking  is  the future and not yet  happened,  it is then , when spoken the past. Am I right?!
So where is the present? If it's not yet happened, then it's the future and if it has it's now the past, over with done, kaput. So where is the present?!

Confused yet? Have you figured out where the present is? You can't have one . If it's not yet been it's the future, and if it's been said or done, it's over with and now the past.
Confusing , No?!
Just a little non-sense, comical, confusing, yet semi-truthful tidbit.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Have a healthy and blessed day! Love, mary

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