Sunday, June 7, 2015

Life As I See It~Crazy Days

Busy Days on the Barrett Farm
It sometimes seems as if my life gets crazier by the day. I'm running here and there, my husband is running here and there. Our kids are caught in the middle doing their thing. And amongst all of that are the animals we have needing attention.

My house is like a maze that no one can ever find anyone in. We
don't have anything open  at our house. We have doors to everywhere. So when someone yells for someone and we have the fans going, the computers (with movies and headphones in) there's no knowing what's going on. Who wants who? Where they are at? and what anyone wants.!

We had a dumpster delivered and took out everything (including the bathroom and kitchen sink) We got rid of most everything. (pretty much gutted the house.)
We had the box guy come and drop off the box and then a week later pick it up. This wasn't much fun as the driveway was almost washed out due to the rain we had, plus we needed to look for our 3 cats to make sure they were accounted for , so we didn't end up losing one.

We have a tree guy coming to cut down a few trees, and the gravel guy coming to pour in a few dump truck loads of different sized gravel on 3 different days. Not to mention this coming week we have the septic man coming to do his thing  for this year.
So that is the start of this month. Next (later this month I believe) is the man that will be coming  to build a small shed on top of our wells holding tank to keep all creatures big and small from getting in there. As well as the man who will be coming to build us a shed. We need to get stuff out of the house and yard and put in it's proper place.

So We have been busy here as of late and I'm not sure when it will end, as we will be putting in the new sinks , once hubby get the drains all cleared out and running smoothly. Then it will be the roof, all new floors and walls and all hopefully before fall, along with new siding and foundation covering.

We have packages coming almost every 2-3 days that we have left  up to the kids to retrieve for us. One of which I'm excited to say is my purchase of a Maxi Climber Vertical Climber, which I can't wait to try out. I'm still doing my exercises and losing weight and I need more of a challenge than the treadmill (which stopped working and we had to get rid of) so decided against another one of these for now. So it's on it's way and I will take a photo of it and let you know how that is going for me.

We have purchase a large solar panel for running lights , computers, fans and such when our electricity goes out (which seems to be all the time) and for long periods of time as well. Like 10 days. I think it's pretty neat having it , finally.

This is going to run into some money for us (which I can't bare to part with.) Seems to be okay with hubby (as long as he has play money left over)
So this is what has been going on in my home the past month and will continue throughout the fall.  Wish us luck to get it all done.

Thanks for stopping in and visiting us here. We love our guests. Stay well, healthy and blessed. Love, mary

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