Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life As I See It~What's the Deal Wednesday's

What's the Deal Wednesday
New post idea. No it's not a bargain deal, although that is a good idea, but it's all about the question, what's that all about. What's up with that? That type of theme.  And although
I'm sure I won't be able to keep up with this every Wednesday, I will do my best to post as many as possible. I think it will be fun, eventful, possibly exciting and maybe even a little educational now and then. We'll see!
So I thought It would be nice to start off What's the Deal Wednesday with the spelling of Wednesday. Looks like Wed-ness-day. So how is the d and the e left out in pronunciation? and if it's not pronounced then why have it at all.?

Woden was an Anglo-Saxon god with both inspiration and fury.
He also had a career in curing horses and carrying off the dead, and Wednesday is his day. Woden's day has gone through various spellings—wodnesdaeg, Weodnesdei, Wenysday, wonysday, Weddinsday, but even though Shakespeare tried to match pronunciation with his very reasonable "Wensday," it wouldn't stick. Woden got to keep his 'd' and his day.

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