Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life As I See It~What's The Deal Wednesdays

What's the deal Wednesdays - Vets and your pet
What I would like to know is why Doctors and Vets get on this hopped up kick about something new every time they go to a seminar. Have you ever noticed that.  (Dr./Vet) I just
recently went to a seminar and we had heard about (Put in said item here) and this is what we learned. So instead of looking for the illness that fits the symptoms. They look for symptoms that might fit an illness or disease they have just learned about so they can act like they found something big and put you (or your pet) on drugs and new drugs that aren't needed and can potentially harm or kill you.

This is what I encountered at a new vet I took my little puppy Daphne to. The first thing he said was," I just recently attended a seminar that showed all about what your dog shows signs of We're going to put her on this and see if that will help." HELLO can you do some examining first, or do some tests and/or x-rays to see just what might be the problem.
So now my dog isn't any better and I have to take her back or to another vet to see if anyone can treat her for what is actually wrong with her before she ends up dying because of stupidity and incompetence.

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