Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What A Slacker

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say hi, and let everyone know what I have been up to. I have been slacking where blogging is concerned. I have been busy and then also been watching a lot of Youtube videos that I am subscribed to. So I have lost track of time and  neglected my blog somewhat.

We found a starving baby kitten Friday, about 3-5 months old on the road by our house and it followed us up to the porch, and we are keeping him. He is so boney and ribby and he sounds really sick. So we're trying to keep him warm and fed, every few hours. My son named him Rocket.

I have been studying my languages. Spanish mostly since I am part Spanish, but also German since I have some german ancestry as well.  But my grandmother was Spanish and I want to learn the language well. She was my most favorite person ever. The problem I'm having with being fluent in these languages is that I tend to speak all three. Un poco de español, un poco de alemán e Inglés, todo en uno. That makes it difficult  for anyone but my son to follow, being he knows those three fluently as well.

I have been doing a lot of reading for book reviews which you will see posted here. I love reading. I do that and movies which I also review here on my blog as well . I have also been shopping a lot, mostly at ELF Cosmetics and stocking up on makeup and nail polish. But I did recently find a lot of super nice polishes and colors at The Dollar General. There were ten in a set and I love them. My daughter loves them all.
I think since it came in the package it came in and was ten for five dollars, it's probably a christmas item. Get there check it out and get yourself some.

My best friend from Oklahoma should be coming to Ohio for a visit in December and I have been busy planning for that trip. It is always exciting to see her when she gets a chance to come back home. I don't get to go there as I have to much trouble seeing having macular. So close to home is where I have to stay.

So all in all I am still here, kicking about, just keeping myself occupied.
Hope you are all well. Thanks for visiting. Have a healthy and blessed day. Love, Mary

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