Thursday, May 12, 2016

Exercise Games and Activities for Kids

Games to keep kids busy and enjoying exercises
Exercise Games and Activities for Kids
Want to keep your kids busy and exercising at the same time. There is hope. Your kids will have fun and be exercising even when they don't even know it. Get them active and keep them fit.

Jump rope For eve more fun, pick up a book of jump-rope rhymes.
Wheelbarrow, crab and bear-walk races: Holding one of these tough positions gives you a real workout.

The whole family can get involved in a wholesome game of Twister, which will encourage players to move their bodies in ways they may not have before

Animal races Hop like a bunny or frog, squat and waddle like a duck, etc.
Obstacle course: Create a furniture course in your apartment or take chalk and make a course outside.

Red light, green light
Red Light, green light gets kids moving, but it also helps them sharpen their listening skills. They have to pay attention to what direction 
Red light! Yellow light! Green light! is being called out or they will have to go back to the starting line.

Follow the leader Add to the workout with energetic movements such as jumping, stomping and squatting.

Scavenger hunt Write up clues and hide them around the apartment. Kids can race to find each clue for a small prize at the end.

Sly fox
How to play. One child is designated as the fox and must turn away from the other players. While his back is turned, the fox counts to 10 while the other players quietly try to reach him. When the fox turns around, the remaining players must freeze. If they move or fall over, they have to go back to the starting line. If a player reaches the fox before he turns around, that person becomes the fox.

Jumping jacks Simple but good for coordination and they get your heart going. When my kids can't sleep, I make them do 25 to tire out.

Parachute Use old sheets. Each kid takes an end of the parachute or sheet and fans it upward while one of you runs underneath.

Clean-up race Set a timer or put on a song to see who can right the room the fastest.

Carnival Set up carnival games such as "Knock Down the Milk Cans" use Tupperware to be safe.

Turbocharge story time: Choose a word that will be repeated often like green, if you're reading Green Eggs and Ham and have your child stand up or sit down each time he hears it.

Hallway bowling Fill up water bottles and use any ball you have.

Hopscotch Use chalk or tape to make a game on your floor or outside your building.

Pillow fight There is no explanation needed for this one.

Popcorn push-ups Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor. Lower yourself down and stick out your tongue to get a piece of popcorn with each thrust.


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