Friday, May 13, 2016

At Our House

Hello everyone
I just wanted to update everyone with what's been going on the last few weeks, and what I need to do in the coming weeks. I have been busy and I wanted to share what I have been up to. This is just routine things , nothing big and adventurous. But still I like to share our lives a little.

I made an eye appointment for my son and I. We went and had been there for over an hour. But finally got done with all the tests they do and some we need. Ordered our glasses and decided to wait. I figured as bad as my eyes are it'd be quite some time. But 9 days later they called me and said they're in. But oddly enough my son's wasn't. So now I have to go back again to get his. Next on the list is hubby. He hasn't been in a while and needs some new specks.

I had to make appointments for my son and daughter for a routine check up at the doctor's. My son will need additional tests done for his heart so we will be scheduling those. I believe my daughter has allergies which are affecting her ears believe it or not and we need to find out what is going on with that.

Next was the dentist. Cleanings , x-rays, and fillings. The dentist is no fun and I'm the biggest baby there is. Plus I'm allergic to the novocaine they give and will not do any gassing.

We are still looking for a house with no luck right now. I not only need something in my price range but with enough yard to house my pets. A hog, some cats and of course my dog Daphne. We also like privacy but still want close to town so I can get around easy enough. I guess it's hard to fit in everything I'd like in a house. It's kind of like the dream man. There really isn't the perfect one.

I have finally put everything on a schedule and am pleased with how it is working out so far. I have it in my binder and also on my iPad with alarms going off every 15 to 30 minutes. It keeps me hopping. I have been busy printing out all the things I need for my binder and also coupons. I have started using them again. I printed out a bunch for IGA and low and behold I went to IGA to find they had no IGA products to use the coupons on. It was weird to see no products throughout the whole store , that were the store's brands.

I will be making a call to the vet for my dog as she has been whimpering a good bit and scratching here back side on the fence a lot. I'm not sure if she has allergies or what is going on but I need to have her checked out. She loves the car ride but not the vet so much.

My daughter and I are planning a trip out to do some photography. She loves it as much as I do and we haven't in a while. She's pretty good at it. I have to say I have competition.

Like I said it's just everyday kind of stuff. We're not doing any big thrilling things now or do we have anything planned for a while. To busy with things that need tending to right now.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well, healthy and happy. Be blessed. Love,


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