Friday, September 17, 2010

Eat your work

Do you remember eating those candy braclets and necklaces? I certainly do.

Well here is a project you can do with your kids to pass the time this weekend that will let them literally eat their work.☺
This will be the project they will want to do a lot of and entertain  them for hours this week-end.
They don't need much supervision with this one and they can occupy their time all weekend making & eating these. They can make many for their friends also and hand them out at school. They'll be the envy and the most popular kid on monday. ~Enjoy~

Edible Necklaces and Bracelets

Supplies needed:

What type of string to use for the candies;
shoestring, a ribbon, piece of elastic,(careful with this one) or thick thread, even a necklace.

Candies to use;
licorice , cheerios, fruit loops, marshmallows, life savors and any other stringable food

Thread the cheerios or whatever stringable food you've chosen onto the string. Tie the string together in a knot and there you have it!
Have fun eating or sharing. Great item to use as favors for a kids party.



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