Friday, September 17, 2010

SITS Back to Blogging Challenge Week (Post #4)

I didn't get to do a post last week for Sits Back to Blogging Challenge. Thankfully I will get to do one now.
Our Challenge is to write a post about ,
What blogging means to me, and why I blog, does it have a purpose and how have I benefited from sharing a part of me online. So without further ado , here is my article.

Blogging to me means an outlet. A place where I can express what is on my mind, to maybe even vent. A place where I can find others who relate to what I've done, how I feel and can even give advice.
I blog because I'm a SAHM and I don't get to socialise a whole lot and I meet other like minded people (mostly women) who I can befriend and chat with. And believe me the internet is full of wonderful kind hearted women to become friends with.
A purpose for blogging is just to let my innerself express my thoughts and creativity .
The benefits of sharing part of myself online is that, mostly it's meeting other people, becoming friends with so many other ladies, having someone to talk with about certain issues and getting helpful advice. Someone to share things with. I have even benefited from sharing part of myself online in that it has opened me up, given me a voice and made me realize that what I say matters to most of you and no one will laugh when I speak about things that are important. Of course I go out of my way to make people laugh. ☺
So there you have the reasons why I blog and what it means to me. All of you is why. Thank you for visiting and listening.

The Sits Girls
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God Bless


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