Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have a fall/winter Garden

Gardens are - a healthy way to eat-a fun thing to do -a way to get a little sun & exercize & a great hobby

Ever think about a garden in the fall/winter. well here is a partial list of cool & winter season vegetables. Search the web for more vegetables for cold seasons and for vegetables specifically for your region.

•Snap peas and snow peas -Frost-hardy peas may be planted whenever the soil temperature is at least 45°F or plant heat-tolerant varieties in midsummer to late summer for a fall crop. Plant peas at least 1 to 1-1/2 inches deep and one inch apart. Approximately 60 days to harvest.

•Cool crops:

broccoli, cabbage, collards (frost hardy- can tolerate more cold weather in the late fall than other cole crops - 60-75 days to harvest), cauliflower, brussels sprouts, bok choy...

•Carrots - Hardy, cool season biennial. Plant about 1/2 deep (no more than two or three seeds per inch). Takes 2 weeks to germinate and approximately 60+ days to mature.

•Onions - Winter onions are planted from sets formed at the tops of the plant in place of flowers. You must get a winter variety such as walking onion/Egyptian onion, and these are perennials so give them a permanent home. In August, plant the sets 1 inch deep. Space sets 4 inches apart.

•Lettuce - Can be planted early spring or late summer. You may want to start lettuce seedlings in the shade and transplant when temperatures cool. Plant 1/2 inch deep, 12 inches apart.

•Chard - Plant seeds 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep.


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