Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday's Tip ~on Thursday??

Tuesday's Tip on Thursday??
As you can see I have not done a post today for the SITS GIRL challange. So what I'm doing is a follow up of Sept. 7, 2010 Tuesday's Tip about chore lists.

What I want to add is that when your child does their chores for the week , reward them with some small thing. (candy/small toy/trip to McDonalds)
You can give them a reward of your choice or you can do what I do and let them chose something from a grab bag/box.{which can include candy/toy/coupon to a fast food restaurant}
 If you use the grab box they can chose what they want , and if you use the grab bag, then they can reach their hand in the bag and (without looking) randomly chose a surprise reward.

This is a good way to get those kiddos doing those chores they need to be doing.

I usually give my kids a reward after so many chores have been done.
Or you can do it at the end of the week
& you can even do it if they have done their chores all week {without complaining and having to be told more than once}

It Depends on their age, to figure out which way is appropriate.

Oh yeah , I almost forgot the biggest thing.
If at the end of the month , everyone has done all their chores and there hasn't been any problems (good luck with that one) then there can be a big event of some kind. Like a big pizza party (invite a few friends over) , or a trip to the zoo, or a sleep over for the whole gang. Well you get the point. Something to let them know that you are aware of all their hard work and appreciate that they have done all you  have asked of them.


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