Friday, October 15, 2010

cooking with kids {Kabobs}

Kabobs So easy and fun for the kids and also a healthy snack.
This is a really fun idea to do with your kids, after they come home from school as a pre dinner snack or later while sitting down watching their favorite show tonight.

You will need
• Vienna sausages {Cut these in half} (what's good about these is they come in many flavors)
•canned Chicken (in chunk style)
•Chunks Of Ham
• Cheese chunks ( use as many flavors as you like)
• Raw Veggies & Fruits (carrots slices, olives, cherry tomatoes, apples chunks, pineapple pieces)

Instructions: Place on skewer Sausages, Chunks Of Ham, Chicken chunks, alternating with olives, Cheese, apples, carrots and pineapple pieces and tomatoes . Repeat till skewers are full. Sit eat and enjoy!


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