Wednesday, January 7, 2015

At The End Of The Day ~ Life As I See It

When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, it matters. Everything said or not said, done or not done, every hurtful, harmful thing, or the smallest kindness, and good deed will reflect not only on the receiving participant, but also on you.

When you sit down to end your day, begin to relax, you might begin to ponder what you have said and done. Every thing and every word, action and deed will flood your mind, enter your thoughts and give you pause.

Everything done during the day makes you, who you are and eventually who you become.

What will people remember about you? What will they think of you when all is said and done. Is there a kind word on their lips about who you are or were in life? How do you want to be remembered? It matters. It really does. Even when you're no longer here. Others (like family and friends) might still be hearing talk about you. Will it be something they will be proud of hearing or shamed and embarrassed about?

Yes every little thing reflects who you are and makes a difference in someone's life. Even when you don't know it. Something to someone , somewhere made a difference to them in some way or another.

Here's hoping your day is great! I love my readers. Praying you will be well and blessed. Love, Mary


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