Thursday, January 8, 2015

Who Will Get Your Vote ~ Life As I See It

Who will get your vote? 
who will you vote for?

Here seems to be our choice for the upcoming presidential elections .
This is only the Democratic/Republican Parties There are yet more. I am not listing those here for now.

I thought it was interesting to go through the list. I do have to say that we are in big trouble with a capital 'T' if some of these listed would happen to get in. All you have to do is look at what they have and still currently represent and know that America is in for more of a decline than what it became with the present so called leader. What a shoddy job he has done.
I mean seriously, Joe Biden even worse Hillary Clinton. To hell in a hand basket. Lord help us.

Democratic Party:
Vice President Joe Biden
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
US Senator Joe Manchin
Governor Martin O'Malley
US Senator Bernie Snaders
US Senator Elizabeth Warren
Former US Senator Jim Webb

Republican Party:
Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton
Former Governor Jan Brewer
Former Governor Jeb Bush
Dr. Ben Carson
Governor Chris Christie
US Senator Bob Corker
US Senator Ted Cruz
Businesswoman Carly Fiorina
Former Governor Jim Gilmore
US Sentor Lindsey Graham'Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
Governor Bobby Jindal
Governor John Kasich
Congressman Pete King
Former Governor George Pataki
US Senator Rand Paul
Governor Mike Pence
Governor Rick Perry
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
US Senator Marco Rubio
Congressman Paul Ryan
Governor Rick Scott
Former US Senator Rick Santorum
Governor Rick Snyder
Governor Scott Walker

This is a personal blog. A blog with opinions and views. A blog not intended to defame anyone. Freedom of speech still prevails.

As always thanks for stopping by. Praying you will be well and blessed. Have a terrific day and year ahead. Love, Mary

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