Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What is it about Blogspot?

I am probably the only one who feels and thinks like this, but why is it that blogspot feels isolated from the rest of the internet world?

I came back here mostly out of necessity, but also remembering that it was really easy to operate and I didn't have any problems with it. I mean it's great and all but it feels so out there away from the rest of the world and well isolated.

I'm weird that way I (feel). I feel peoples moods, I feel tension in the air. You know that kind of (feel). And when I use blogspot I (feel) out of place, out of sorts as it were. I feel like blogspot bloggers are on this little tiny planet on a massive universe where we are all alone. Only blogspot users know we exist. The rest of the org., net., info., and www users are of a different galaxy.  Like blogspot has there own little commune and the rest of the world, well is different and separate.

Okay so there it is. What I feel and all my weirdness out to anyone who reads this nonsense. But that's what I feel like. It doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel like home here for some reason.

I know I will eventually get another hosting site to park my domain name at but until then, I will be here feeling unhomey. Left out of the loop and isolated.

So if this post does not freak you out, wig you out , frighten you beyond return, I hope to see you again with my next, (not so weird) post.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me here. I love all my visitors, readers and house crashers. Love, Mary


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