Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life As I See It -What Irritates Me

What irritates me
Let's start off with saying it takes a lot to get me going. Whether it's to irritate me, anger me, or annoy me in any way. It can take a lot for me to get to my breaking point. A lot to get me to an irritation level that I finally let loose. But when I do you'll know it. There are certain topics I could post but don't dare. So I will list a few things that are really irritating to me. (if you care, or are intrigued then by all means read on.)

1. As you know I'm in the over 50 crowd , so when I say this you know you are really bad at the following if it irritates me. Driving to Slow!! Sit beside me and listen to what I say and threats given (just in thought only) when a person of my age or younger is ahead of me and driving like a 300 year old dead person. That will not be me when I'm 90. Either drive like you know how or get off the road and go home and stay there.

2. People who hear you but aren't listening. You know what I mean. Those who see your mouth moving, hear sounds emitting from you but have no idea what is being said. Off in la-la land or wishing you'd just shut up so they could get to whatever it is they are wanting to do.

3. Those who can't remember. You tell someone something and less than five minutes later they don't have a clue you told them. Telling someone every day sometimes more than three times a day for all of their life and they still don't remember the next day and act like you never told them in the first place. Complaining they can't remember,. Well they remember when it's time to eat don't they. Never missed a meal.

4. Some one who is to lazy to lift the lid to the garbage as it may take precious time out of their oh so important and busy day so they set the trash either beside the can or on top of it. Lazy much!!

5. People who are prejudice. You know prejudgment, those who are forming an opinion before becoming aware of the facts.Those who pass judgments toward people because of gender, social class,age, disability, religion, race/ethnicity, or other personal characteristics.

6. Animal Cruelty . Even if you don't like animals there is no cause or reason to be cruel to an animal. Leave it alone, go your own way , stop bothering them. In other words grow up.

7. Hair in the sink/tub/shower drain. Could this be any more gross? Well could it?! If you have lost hair in the sink, tub or shower drain, be adult enough to remove it. I mean it is yours after all.

8. Parents who are worse than the kids when they are out and about. Yelling at their kids. Loudly and embarrassing I might add. The kids have to be embarrassed of the scene the parents are making. It's one thing for a kid to do something. It's another for an adult.

9. Drama Queens. What I mean by this is those who make the smallest things into a large ones. Those who take a mole hill and make it into a mountain. Know the saying? You're making a mountain out of a mole hill. Turn everything into a drama. Making a big scene over nothing. Bringing attention to themselves where there should never be attention given. Spilling milk is now a scene in a play, and they are the drama queen (men included.)

10. When someone says, "you know" and I mean all the time. I once broke up with a guy for saying that phrase, all the time. You know! My mother couldn't believe it. You know? She liked the guy. For sure-you know? Thought I should try and ignore it. You know? Well not me. Irked me to no end. So I ended it. I mean if I know then why are you telling me and if I don't know and you're telling me they why as if "You Know"

So there you have it. What irritates, irkes and provokes me to no end.

As always thanks for stopping in. Be well, be blessed and have a great day! Love, Mary


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